Trucking/Drayage Services

OTC Transportation Services is fully dedicated to transporting goods transloaded through Omaha TransLoading’s multiple locations.  As the exclusive drayage company for Omaha TransLoading, OTC Transportation Services, Inc. provides fast and reliable hauling services at very competitive rates. Equipped with multiple trucks, flatbeds, van trailers, side dumps, end dumps and extendable trailers, OTC Transportation Services, Inc. is prepared to handle a wide range of transload related drayage needs.

OTC Trucking ServicesOTC Transportation Services provides immediate service to Omaha TransLoading client’s thereby eliminating hauling delays. Clients experience further savings by a reduction of internal administrative costs due to having to process one bill for all transloading and drayage services.  These savings increase with greater usage of Omaha TransLoading and OTC Transportation Services.

OTC Transportation Services in conjunction with Omaha TransLoading has everything needed to get the job done right for clients in one place.  OTC Transportation Services, as a member of the Nebraska Trucking Association, has the experience to provide expert drayage services with speed, safety, efficiency and care.

With competitive rates for a reliable and administratively easier service, there is no question that OTC Transportation Services is the clear cut choice for responsible businesses.