Omaha TransLoading is a family business that has a continuity of philosophy from top to bottom. Steve Braithwaite and his sons have a rich history of business experience that starts with the demolition industry.   Demolition is a business where there are always unknowns around every corner and unique challenges constantly presenting themselves.  The critical thinking skills gained through these experiences continue to be one of the most valuable keys to the success of Omaha TransLoading.  

Another key to success is the Braithwaites’ unwavering dedication to servicing the needs of the client as the most important aspect of being in business.  Taking care of the customers in a value-added manner is what makes doing business with Omaha TransLoading invaluable.      

This dedication to serving the client, and the client’s appreciation, is evident in the substantial growth of the firm through difficult economic conditions. In 4 short years, Omaha TransLoading has gone from transloading 3 railcars in its first year to over 1,700 in 2010.   This growth in its volume of railcars, which places OTL in the top 10% of all transloaders in the nation, also makes it one of the fastest growing transloaders in recent history.